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Digital Attendance Notes

Eastside Elementary would like to introduce you to Digital Attendance Notes.  Our school has acquired this new system to assist you in providing notes for your child’s absences.  The program will help us ensure notes are received in a timely manner while eliminating the need of sending the notes with your child or having to bring them yourself.  While this system is available, please know that hard copies are still accepted.

Through Digital Attendance Notes, you will be able to upload supporting documents such as, handwritten notes or doctors’ notes. To use this system, click the link below. Next, you must complete the prompts regarding your child’s absence, then simply take a picture of your supporting document and select upload. Please note the documents must be in the form of PDF or picture (JPEG) format.   

We feel certain this will help ensure your child’s absences are excused in a timely manner.  Digital Attendance Notes is a very important step towards developing a digital/paperless approach.  Eastside Elementary thanks you in advance for your cooperation and dedication in your child’s education.

Click Here → Digital Attendance Notes